Monday, 11 November 2013

Dear Diagnosis

This is my first blog, relating to my Narcolepsy and I thought i would start by sharing my Dear Diagnosis letter. I will get better at the blogging thing over time. but here is my first attempt.

Dear Diagnosis
It’s nice to finally have an explaination for the sleeping in class and not being able to watch movies. I’m just upset we didn’t find out earlier, I would have been able to apply for assistance for my physics exams. I’m really gutted I didn’t get into physics at Uni.
It’s ok though. I really enjoy studying occupational therapy. It’s very hard though some days. I feel like I miss a lot of important information when I fall asleep in class though. Its also very embarrassing in a room of 60 people that I barely know.
I am excited about finding medication to help me. I hope this helps with my ability to function in Class. I hope it helps my grades improve. C’s & B’s are great and I’m just happy I’m passing, but I would love to get an A one day. Here’s hoping.
I am also excited about the thing’s I’ll be able to do with medication. I hope this means I can see my friends more and go out more often instead of sleeping my weekends and spare time away. I want to take up a sport. And go fishing more often.
Well diagnosis I’m glad I finally found out about you. It’s nice to have an understanding of why these horrible things are happening to me and I am definitely looking forward to the treatment, and the new things I will be able to do.

Here’s to a better future

From Jessie.

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